Home On Wheels

“It’s 8 miles away!” Colin said, ecstatic. We’ve been waiting for our trailer for months and now it was 15 minutes from us. I looked up from my Kindle and gave him a nervous smile.

Truth is, you can talk about your plans with your partner, with your friends, with your coworkers. You can think about it, dream about it, look at pictures, read stories, learn from other riders who have taken similar routes. But until you walk inside what will be your 12ft home-on-wheels for the next 13 months… it’s not real.

Meeting The Trailer

Our first reaction was a pleasant surprise. “This is actually really niiiiice,” we kept beaming at each other. Turns out we inadvertently prepared for a matchbox and found ourselves in a cozy tiny-house. One we could actually live in with two animals.

We unfolded the sofas and lowered the bed, both of which were surprisingly comfortable. Then we sat at our removable dinette and pretended we were eating, working on our computers, petting the animals and so fourth. Our acting—besides making us laugh away a surreal moment—helped bring us closer to our adventure and highlight any incompatibilities in advance.

(Of course we can’t imagine the unknown, but we can pretend).

Eventually we brushed ourselves off of our apprehension and rediscovered the potent motorcycle fuel that propelled us to begin with. We were pumped. We were ready. We realized our trailer can be a comfortable home once we adapt—once I adapt—to our conservative wardrobes and efficient, multi-use kitchenware.

Time to bring Bailey and Pumpkin.

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10 thoughts on “Home On Wheels

    • Tali Despins says:

      Yay! Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I hope our stories will keep you entertained. I can’t wait for the bad shit to happen, those make really good stories 🙂

    • Tali Despins says:

      Thank you for reading, Will! We’ll be keeping this website updated regularly throughout the trip. so excited I’m about to pass out…

    • Tali Despins says:

      Thank you so much, Brent! Kept waiting for someone to notice the design haha. people–naturally–are too busy responding to our crazy adventure plans. Glad you noticed, my fellow designer! 🙂


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