Pumpkin’s Response

Good news! Pumpkin really likes her new home.

Yesterday we finally took her to see the trailer and it was great – a major success! Colin and I spent long 5 seconds cringing as Pumpkin clawed at our new window-screens. CLINK, CLANK, we listened as she punched two tiny holes into the grid, wondering whose grimace would make for a better Halloween mask.

At that moment, our desire to make her comfortable surpassed our fear of the mosquito. So we twisted our mouthes, crinkled our noses, furrowed our eyebrows, and let it happen.

Thankfully it was real quick. No harm done.

When she finished looking out the window, she stepped off the edge, laid down, and began tossing and turning, stretching her arms next to Colin to get her tummy rubbed. That’s when I knew she was going to be fine.

Home is where we are.

And home doesn’t smell like bug repellent. Next time, we’re getting the water spray-bottle. Bad kitty!

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