Packing Away

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Packing is an excellent opportunity to reevaluate your possessions, your nostalgic bits and pieces, and ask yourself,  “how much value does this add to my life?” I like this question better than Millburns’, “Does this add value to my life?” because it assumes meaning is measured on a continuum, much like our attachments to the things we own. I also think some objects may be valuable independently of our lives.

For example, when I look at an old baby picture of my mom and rate it ’10’, I consider it an impartial assessment; a memory that belongs to me and my mom and her family and so on.  Conversely, when I open a drawer and see my graduation invitation, I snap a picture and add it to the recycling bin.

Empty closetIn the past two weeks we invested most of our time distilling our belongings.
We donated kitchenware, homeware, tupperware (seriously). Let go of movies, board games, clothes, shoes, all of our books. We also simmered down our souvenirs; I spent approximately 18 hours sitting by the scanner, recording our sentiments before I tore them to pieces, and it felt amazing.

And although we kept most of our furniture, we’re reconsidering their worth too; suddenly it seems like our condo is inspired by IKEA, complete with superfluous home decor with minor originality.

We’ll see how we feel about those when we return from our 12ft existence.

(we head out tomorrow)

One thought on “Packing Away

  1. Rita says:

    This sounds exhilarating! And soon you’ll be accelerating. That you both know me. You might be thinking otherwise. Value to things can be overly sentimental. But sentiment also has value. Good luck guy and girls .

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