Wrangling on I-35, KS

Date: 11/18/2017 14:40

On our way through Kansas, on a major 75mph highway, we noticed two animals wandering on the right lane, straight ahead. I thought they were coyotes so I prepared to snap a picture. They weren’t coyotes; they were two stray dogs.

Colin stopped the car and we spent a few seconds brainstorming how to handle these animals: can we take them with us? is it safe enough in the trailer? what if they’re aggressive? are they vaccinated? are they flea-infested?–one thing was certain, we were not going to leave them stranded.

Colin exited the car, gloved-up, and attempted to draw their attention away from the road and toward the shoulder, where he stood, “hey you!–whistle–come here.”

We finally got a good look at ‘em.

A Golden Lab and a Treeing Walker Coonhound showed up, friendly, loving the attention, and oblivious to their renewed safety.  Bailey, on the other hand, kept shifting restlessly in the car, whimpering and barking like mad while I sat there, pretending I could comfort her.

These dogs belonged to someone.

Colin spent over 10 minutes wrestling with the excited, tail-wagging Coonhound, trying to read the numbers on his collar and yell the digits at me to dial.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a guy showed up asking about the dogs. Within 15 minutes, the two actual owners arrived and we learned that the Coonhound is a national hunting champion and that he must have sniffed himself 3.5 miles away from home, with the Lab as his side kick. Allegedly.

Colin was thanked profusely and I felt my heart swell.
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