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My Bike and I Gone Flying

We haven’t been posting anything on ADV Baby because we haven’t been riding. We haven’t been riding because the doctor in the ER said so. I haven’t said anything because I wasn’t ready.

I’m ready now.

Three weeks ago, I crashed. I entered a sharp curve that narrowed beyond my reach and missed the opportunity to compensate by leaning harder. Although I escaped the lethal guardrail, my front fork faced the shoulder and I ended up contacting the dirt. The bike and I went flying.

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The Apache Trail, AZ


We hated Phoenix.

An overpopulated, depressing, city. Everywhere you go feels like the other place you just left: chain stores, chain stores, and chain stores, bounded by brick boxes where people laze about.  It’s like seeing that black cat over and over again.

But dull wasn’t the issue; we can survive dull.

We were risking our lives riding our motorcycles there.

Most drivers travel 15-20mph+ over the speed limit; .the blinker is obsolete; tailgating, cutting and reckless passing—risky business for any motorcycle rider.…

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Pics and Vids: Visiting The Grand Canyon, AZ

Truly Grand! and No Tears!


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A Ride to Taos and The Rio Grande Gorge, NM

Day 8

Typically, by mid-November, northern New Mexico is freezing and its encompassing peaks are wrapped in many layers of snow.


Turns out skiers will have to wait a little longer this year because Colin and Tali are here for the 70-degree weather route.

The Adventure

We started in Española, where our friends, Eric and Patti live, and where our 12ft home is parked.

The morning was perfect; the sun was warm and all we had to do was follow Eric’s white, lifted, Silverado to Taos.…

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Visiting Cadillac Ranch, TX

Not much to say… if you like Cadillacs and graffiti, you’ll enjoy this one. Oh, bring spray-paint! A gal was kind enough to share hers for our ADV Baby signature. Fun spot!

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Visiting Palo Duro Canyon, TX

What can I say about Palo Duro Canyon that hasn’t already been said? Not much.

The canyon was so amazing it brought me to tears. #geologyfan


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Wrangling on I-35, KS

Date: 11/18/2017 14:40

On our way through Kansas, on a major 75mph highway, we noticed two animals wandering on the right lane, straight ahead. I thought they were coyotes so I prepared to snap a picture. They weren’t coyotes; they were two stray dogs!

Colin stopped the car and we spent a few seconds brainstorming how to handle these animals: can we take them with us? is it safe enough in the trailer? what if they’re aggressive? are they vaccinated? are they flea-infested?–one thing was certain, we were not going to leave them stranded.

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Review: Visiting Foss Park, OK

Day of visit: 11/20/17

Visiting Foss State Park, Oklahoma, was an unforgettable experience.  We were dazzled by a vibrant display of complementary blue and orange tones, and a rocky terrain that enhanced the foamy motions of the lake—all framed by rough textures of yellow and gray weeds.

Majestic natural beauty.

Interestingly, we were the only ones there. We suppose mid-November’s 60-degree weather is too cold for Oklahomans(?).

We highly recommend it, especially because one has to drive over a disorienting dam to get there.…