We will be sharing 13 months of traveling experiences through words and moving pictures. We hope that by following our moments of delight and misery you will be inspired, entertained, and empowered to go on your own adventure.

Who we are

Tali is an ADV Baby. She earned her license in July, 2016 and spent the rest of the summer practicing on her BMW G650GS. Tali is a safety-advocate who wears All The Gear All The Time, and, yes, she knows this trip will kick her ass. It’s true, prolonged riding can literally hurt your cheeks. She also has a personal website


Colin has been twisting and clutching for over 20 years, and of all the motorcycles he owned—dirt, crotch rocket, sportster—he found the BMW R1200GS most rewarding. This trip is a childhood dream come true (plus wife plus dog plus cat).


Bailey is a 4 year-old, pit bull mutt, who can ride a motorcycle. She spent the first year of her life sniffing the streets of Chicago. In 2013 we picked her up from a nice foster family who let her nap on their couch—a fight we can not win.


Pumpkin is a 7 year-old tortie whom we adopted from Friends of Ferals in Madison, WI. She’s been on our lap since 2010 and like other cats, Pumpkin likes to snuggle, claw, lick, bite, love and hate us.


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