Top Dog Box

About the design

  • The box is a custom-fitted carrier for Bailey–a 37lb dog.
  • It is made of wooden panels, held together with nails, liquid nails, and staples.
  • The exterior panels are covered with reflective vinyl to minimize heat absorption on sunny days, keeping our Bailey nice and cool.
  • The interior is smooth. Windows and entry are covered with vinyl edge-trim so Bailey’s coat doesn’t catch.
  • On the motorcycle, the box is secured with 5 industrial strength bungee cords, attached in a fail-safe array. The system is redundant (not dependent on any one cord).
  • The box and its base are currently meant for the BMWr1200GS. Fitting it on other motorcycles would require some creativity on your part.
  • Once Bailey is inside, the entry can be partially closed with a removable door. She can still sniff Colin’s back.
  • Bailey can enjoy the ride either by sitting with her head sticking out, or laying down with her snout peeking through the side windows.

Colin designed, assembled and tested it for safety before inviting Bailey inside.

  • The box has withstood strong winds, high speeds (75mph). Empty, it has also held secure through moderate off-road terrain.

Do we offer the Top Dog Box for sale?

Yes. We’re currently working on a cost model and figuring out a few other things, but it’ll be available soon and custom fitted to your dog. A smaller dog would require smaller ports,  keeping him or her safe.

For full review, watch our video below

How we got Bailey riding?

Gradually, using positive reinforcements.

At first we placed the box in our living room and encouraged Bailey with treats and vocal praises. She was reluctant but slowly gained confidence and later found comfort in her new bed. Sometimes we would find Bailey already sleeping in her box or retreating to shelter when threatened by thunder. The box became her safe-place.

So we installed the box and invited Bailey. Although she wasn’t sure about the bike, once we placed her inside she was comfortable–it was her old spot again.

Eventually we used the same method to teach Bailey how to get in and out of the box independently. She was, once again, nervous at first but with endless  encouragement and soft, smelly, treats she figured it out.

Now that girl hops in and out on command!